• Verizon was seeking a value added program to provide advantage for educational enterprise sales at the city and collegiate level.
  • Verizon maintained disproportional market share in these categories.
  • Verizon was seeking new ways to showcase LTE advantages over WI-FI solutions.


  • The Gold Group developed the Verizon Mobile Learning Lab (VMLL): a mobile classroom providing SAT prep to inner-city high school students though the use of Samsung Tablets and the Verizon LTE network.
  • Designed and fabricated mobile classrooms by modifying traditional school buses that presented a branded vehicle that would be seen through the target markets.
  • Created tutorial partnerships with historically black colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic and universities and colleges in the Northeast that provided tutors for the program.
  • Demonstrated the versatility of mobile technology and provided a platform for enterprise sales into the educational sector targeting large city school systems and universities
  • Leveraged Public Relations opportunities that would be recognized by school committees and Boards of Education.


  • VMLL ran for three consecutive years reaching approximately 2,000 students.
  • Established partnerships at the university level with several colleges including Howard University, University of Maryland, and Northeastern University.
    • Established partnerships at the school district level with the cities of Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, Worcester, Providence, and many more.
  • Average double digit improvements on standardized test scores for all participating students.
  • Improved relations and enterprise sales efforts for Verizon in those communities served.
  • Achieved numerous public relations hits on network news and print and was featured prominently in Verizon’s year end annual report.

    o   Watch the video below for more on the Verizon Mobile Learning Lab experience.