Understanding the keys and triggers to making any business venture successful is the most important nuance between success and failure. Whether it be launching a new tour or show, analyzing the potential of investing in an entertainment property, or trying to figure out why an existing business venture might be faltering, TGG understands the questions that need to be asked, the rocks that need to be looked under, and the thought process that needs to be followed to create the best overall strategy for our clients.

In a consulting role, our team works on and considers a myriad of topics anywhere from building out a pro-forma, establishing operations and marketing budgets, sourcing vendors, running audience analysis, analyzing potential markets or venues, considering the marketing mix, directing the creative and messaging, analyzing past ticket sales data, looking at pricing models, and much more.

Our process for developing overall strategy is an intense and valuable exercise as it serves as a time to collaboratively challenge assumptions, establish the plan, define pricing, integrate various stakeholders, position the budget against objectives and establish marketing tactics.