Consumers are savvier than ever and are extremely aware when they are being directly advertised to. Between DVR, Netflix, Satellite Radio, Spotify, Ad-Block, etc. consumers are showing that they are willing to pay for the convenience of not being targeted while they consume their daily entertainment. 

This aversion to advertising lends itself to a subconscious backlash inside the head of the consumer and an internal refusal to acknowledge an advertiser's message. This reality has lead advertisers to attempt everything under the sun to be more creative, more subtle, and more personal whenever possible.

TGG has long realized the importance and effectiveness that non-traditional promotional partnerships play in the marketing mix. This idea of “partnership marketing” is consistently successful in building audience recognition, gaining their acceptance, and ultimately becoming a major tool in influencing them to act.

By creating strategic partnerships with likeminded, like psychographic companies, TGG helps our clients reach their target demographics in more natural and organic settings helping to further influence them to act. We believe in the power of reaching consumers where they work, eat, shop, run errands, and socialize on a daily basis.