TGG brings a targeted approach to buying media based on our real world experience in selling tickets – a transactional entity. Our campaigns are designed to deliver sales – not just look good on paper. Tickets are a perishable item and can’t be utilized once the event has come and gone. With this in mind, we are judged by our clients on the bottom line and can’t hide behind buzz terms like “brand recognition”, “impressions”, and “effective reach.”

Combining local market expertise and longstanding relationships, TGG develops campaigns that leverage the paid advertising to deliver significant promotional and bonus weight. Our campaigns routinely produce at least a 3 to 1 bonus to paid media return and our ability to add promotional value serves as a major catalyst.

TGG looks at ALL media opportunities to reach our target market effectively both in traditional and non-traditional forms. We’ve identified and implemented marketing opportunities everywhere from beverage coasters and boarding passes to pizza boxes and Pepsi cans.

In the last 5 years alone, we have placed over $20 million in media for our clients, generating in excess of $75 million in advertising exposure.