• The King Tut Exhibition was planning its first trip to the Rocky Mountain region and was in need of a strong promotional campaign that would boost the effectiveness of in-market media.
  • The Denver Art Museum was a non-traditional venue for this exhibition so an increased level of pressure was put on producing an overall buzz for the exhibit in a myriad of organic ways.


  • Secure strong third party promotional partnerships for King Tut starting with the key tent poles of the promotional mix – grocery, beverage, and quick service restaurants and supplement these with a host of supporting deals.
  • TGG utilized special discounts to the King Tut exhibition strategically designed to boost traffic during slower days of the week and dates on the calendar.
  • By offering potential partner's the opportunity to own exclusive offers catered specifically to their customer base, this would enable the Tut exhibit to capitalize on the reach and impressions offered by each partners media presence and ability to deliver tremendous brick and mortar impressions.


  • Over 6 million promotional impressions garnered and a new attendance record set at the Denver Art Museum.

o   Prominent positioning in 143 King Sooper’s Grocery locations, 205 McDonald’s locations, 47 Costco locations, 15 Borders Books locations, 22 Dazbog Coffee Chain locations, and 14 Baskin Robbins locations

o   Tut themed Pepsi displays at over 100 retail stores

o   Box Tops on 250,000 Papa John's pizza boxes

o   Special Offers to over 75,000 Colorado Ski Country ticket purchasers

o   Integrated hotel packages sold at 6 of Denver’s top hotels 

  • The King Tut run was recognized for its creative approach and ability to garner tremendous amounts of tourism.

o   Watch the video below for more on the King Tut experience.