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  • Body Worlds was entering new markets with no internal marketing representation, brand stewardship or accountability for the success of its engagement dates.
  • Body Worlds recognized that they needed a dedicated advocate to maximize ticket sales.
  • Brand strategy that worked in Europe didn’t translate well to North American audience. Body Worlds needed more of a serious narrative and softer positioning to establish credibility.


  • TGG developed an overall strategy for Body Worlds’ first North American tour and recommended a shift in positioning to a deep dive into Body Worlds as a vehicle to teach and communicate with visitors about health and wellness.
  • TGG created an all encompassing toolkit inclusive of creative materials, promotional ideas, and media strategies.
  • TGG developed a dynamic marketing plan tailored to each local hosting market.
  • TGG collaborated with local venue marketing teams to implement marketing opportunities applicable to their specific market.


  • TGG has now represented Body Worlds in close to 30 North American cities.
  • Ticket sales have exceeded 12 million.
  • Body Worlds is now the most successful traveling museum exhibition in history and continues to be the most sought after temporary traveling exhibition over a decade later.